7 Children Injured in Recent US Mass Shooting Incident

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US mass shooting leaves seven children wounded
7 Children Injured in Recent US Mass Shooting Incident

A distressing incident unfolded in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday night as gunfire wounded at least seven children aged between 12 and 17. The shooting occurred near the Circle Centre Mall around 11:30 p.m. local time.

CNN reported that Indianapolis Police Deputy Chief Tanya Terry confirmed the incident, stating that patrolling officers heard gunfire and promptly responded. They found a significant number of juveniles at the scene, six of whom had gunshot wounds.

All injured children promptly received medical attention, with authorities transporting them to nearby hospitals. Later, a seventh victim was admitted to another hospital. Fortunately, all victims are now in stable condition.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear, and authorities are yet to determine the number of perpetrators. As of Sunday morning, no suspects have been apprehended. Indianapolis police actively investigate the scene, suspecting the involvement of multiple firearms.

7 Children Injured in Recent US Mass Shooting Incident

Expressing deep concern over the incident, Deputy Chief Terry highlighted the troubling trend of youth resorting to gun violence to settle disputes, calling for an end to such violence.

Although police have not provided details about the gathering, Terry noted a pattern of large groups of juveniles congregating in the downtown area during evenings.



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