Finnish School Shooting: 12-Year-Old Injures Three Say Police

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Finnish School Shooting: 12-Year-Old Injures Three Say Police

The school in Vantaa has around 800 pupils and 90 staff.

Finnish police officers guard the scene behind police tapes at the primary Viertola comprehensive school where a child opened fire and injured three other children, on April 2, 2024 in Vantaa, outside the Finnish capital Helsinki.

A 12-year-old boy fired shots at a school near the Finnish capital Helsinki on Tuesday, injuring three other children. The police have confirmed that they have the shooter in custody.

The school, located in Vantaa, has approximately 800 students and 90 staff members. It caters to children between the ages of seven and 15, from grades one to nine.

Police stated, “There are people wounded in the shooting incident,” shortly after 10:00 am local time.

Authorities were notified about the incident at 09:08 am, and later revealed that both the suspect and the injured individuals were also 12 years old.

Finnish School Shooting: 12-Year-Old Injures Three Say Police

Following the shooting, the crisis team of Vantaa city was activated, as reported by local media. Images from the scene depicted a significant police presence at the school premises.

In an update provided around 11:30 am, the police announced that they had apprehended the suspect, who was armed, in a peaceful manner in an area of Helsinki.

Parents of the students informed the media that the shooting took place inside a classroom.

The police advised the public to steer clear of the vicinity and stay indoors. “Avoid opening the door to unfamiliar individuals,” they cautioned in a statement.

Finnish Interior Minister Mari Rantanen expressed her dismay at the day’s events in a post on social media, stating, “Today began in a startling manner. My heart goes out to all the families experiencing pain and concern at this time.”


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