How to Design a Relaxing Meditation Space at Home

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How to Design a Relaxing Meditation Space at Home
How to Design a Relaxing Meditation Space at Home

How to Design a Relaxing Meditation Space at Home

Making time and space for meditation is key to reaping its numerous health benefits. Although some may perceive this task as being impossible without large homes or costly decor, establishing an area dedicated for this practice doesn’t need to be complex; with just a few easy tricks, it can easily be accomplished in any home, be it an alcove in the bedroom, a dead corner of a hallway, or simply an intimate corner nook. This space can help relax both body and mind into a state of mindfulness.

To create a suitable environment for meditation, begin by clearing away any other uses of it. Your aim should be that when you enter, you immediately feel at peace in that space; after settling onto a cushion or mat, you can focus on breathing and being fully immersed in the present moment.

Make sure your meditation area has access to natural light by positioning it near a window, or open them and let in fresh air; this can both improve your mood and physical wellbeing.

Setting the mood with soothing color schemes will create the perfect environment. Paint is one way of accomplishing this, or you could simply hang some soft curtains that match your meditation area and help to create a tranquil ambiance. While music might add another dimension, some prefer having it present during meditation sessions; if that is something that resonates with you, try keeping its volume low enough so as not to be disruptive and flexible with volume changes as desired.

Some people enjoy adding elements of nature into their meditation spaces, such as plants or stones. This can be especially helpful in an urban environment where sounds such as traffic, trains, sirens, and neighbors may constantly annoy your space. A natural aroma diffuser or incense stick could also bring comforting scents into the room for added ambience.

As part of your meditation space, it can help to include items with special meaning to you—photos of loved ones or pets, mantras that reflect your values, tarot decks, inspirational quotes, or anything else that speaks to your personal experience—all of which can make for an improved meditation experience. Add in items like your favorite tea or coffee, scented candles, and soft cushions for additional seating options in your space.

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