How to quit smoking effectively and control tobacco cravings

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If you want to quit smoking, there are chances that you find it difficult to resist tobacco cravings and they can wear you down too.

Cigarette smoking can harm nearly every organ of the body and is the root cause of several diseases. Not just that, it reduces the health of smokers in general. However, most people who have been smoking or use tobacco have cravings or smoking urges once they try and quit. However, the urge soon passes away if you let it control for 5 to 10 minutes. Always remember why you decided to quit smoking in the first place and one less cigarette means you are one step closer to quitting it for good.

We list down ways which will help a smoker to quit tobacco and lessen its cravings:

1. Avoid triggers

Smoking urges are usually the strongest in the places and conditions that you have done it the most often. So make sure to find out your triggers and stay away from them in the best way possible. Similarly, do not go into a smoking relapse just for old time’s sake.

2. Delay

If you feel like you’re giving in to your cigarette craving, try and first wait 10 more minutes. Make sure you distract yourself during that time or just go to a public smoke-free zone. Doing such things will help you move you past your tobacco craving.

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3. Chew on it

If you feel like smoking, try and put something to eat in your mouth in order to resist it. Chew on sugarless gum or candy. You can also munch on snacks like nuts or sunflower seeds, and trust yourself that you don’t need the cigarette.

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4. Don’t have ‘just one’

If you see people around you smoking, you might feel a strong urge and be tempted to have just one cigarette to satisfy your craving. However, don’t fool yourself into thinking you will stop at just one as having just one may land you in trouble as you might end up using tobacco again.

5. Indulge in physical activity

Physical activity is actually a great way to resist tobacco cravings. Activities such as running up and down the stairs or just a walk or jog might help you in quitting smoking. You can also do deep knee bends, push-ups, and running in place to distract yourself.

6. Try relaxation techniques

Most people think of smoking as a way to deal with stress. To say the least, fighting back against smoking can itself be stressful. Hence, finding ways to relax, such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, yoga, massage or listening to calming music, is extremely important.

7. Go online for support

You can always join an online stop-smoking program or go through a quilter’s journey to understand who else might be dealing with tobacco cravings. Learn from others and try to quit smoking as soon as possible.

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8. Remind yourself of the benefits

Always remember that quitting smoking is a way to feel better, get healthier and save money. So why not do that for you and your loved ones?

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