Is your grey hair turning dull? 4 tips to make them shine like silver

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Don’t blame old age for dull grey hair. All you need is a bit of love and care to maintain shine in your grey hair even if you have crossed 50.

Do you remember the time when you spotted your first grey hair? You probably tried to sneakily hide it or cut it off. You might have tried out hair dyes or natural ways to colour your hair. But not everyone follows a hair care routine after a certain age. While embracing grey hair is good, don’t make it unhealthy or dull by not taking care of your tresses. You can make you hair shiny even if you’ve crossed the 50 mark. All you have to do is follow some easy hair care tips.

the most important reason behind grey hair turning dull is the oxidative damage to the hair due to UV rays. There is an absence of protective melanin, and that leaves the hair structure exposed to harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Another reason for grey hair getting a yellow tone is diet that is poor in protein and calcium. When women reach the menopause stage, absorption of calcium further goes down, so the hair gets weak and loses its shine.

Grey hair can also become frizzy as with age, the oil glands generate less sebum, which is responsible for lubricating hair and skin. This leads to drier follicles and so, you end up with drier hair.

Hair care tips for women over 50

A lot of times we neglect our hair and once the damage has happened to the hair shaft, it can not be reversed, In fact, women also accept unhealthy hair as a side effect of menopause and they just don’t make efforts to maintain them. grey hair requires more care than black hair, so getting deep conditioning done every 15 days is essential. While styling grey hair, temperature of the hairstyling product should be set lower as they are more prone to breakage. To avoid the damage, here are some basic tips to follow!

1. Use a mild shampoo

To wash your hair, always choose a mild shampoo. You can opt for SLS-free shampoo. Sodium lauryl sulphate containing shampoos are effective for deep cleansing of hair, but can be harsh on coloured hair, chemically treated hair and otherwise dry and frizzy hair.

2. Use a good conditioner

Apply it after shampoo and to keep the conditioner on for 5 to 7 minutes so that the protein imbibes in the hair shaft and provides it with a protective coating. You also use a leave-in conditioner, as grey hair tends to look dry and frizzy. A hydrating hair mask can also do wonders.

3. Opt for a serum

A serum that protects your hair from heat can be used if you like heat styling. Use serum which contains silicon or substances which coat the hair, This way, your hair will be protected from heat and friction of combing.

4. Cover your hair

Summer or winter, try to cover your hair with a scarf or hat, especially when you know that you will be exposed to UV rays for long. Using an accessory for hair will give you protection from sun damage.

Also, be gentle while combing your tresses to avoid hair fall, which is quite common in old age. Dull or grey hair with yellow tone is anything but attractive or healthy, so take care of your tresses.

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