Italy Remembers Mafia’s Toll: Holy Thursday Mass Honors Victims

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Italy Remembers Mafia’s Toll Holy Thursday Mass Honors Victims

Every Holy Week, churches across Italy hold a special Chrism Mass. They bless fragrant Chrism oil used in baptisms and confirmations. This year, some churches received a remarkable gift: Chrism oil sourced from an olive grove in Sicily.

Italy Remembers Mafia's Toll Holy Thursday Mass Honors Victims

This grove holds a special meaning. The Quarto Savona Quindici Association established it. The association’s name comes from a police code used by brave officers who died protecting a judge from the Mafia in 1992. Their mission is to keep the memory of victims alive and fight organized crime.

As a poignant tribute, the association planted olive trees for each victim. Churches in Italy now use the oil extracted from these trees.

Italy Remembers Mafia’s Toll: Holy Thursday Mass Honors Victims

The Catholic Church in Italy has a long history of opposing organized crime. Sadly, some priests were even killed for their efforts. In recent times, the Church has become an even stronger voice against these groups, particularly in southern Italy.

Law enforcement recently arrested a powerful Mafia leader, a victory in the ongoing fight against organized crime.

The Church’s involvement, along with ongoing efforts by law enforcement, offers hope for a future with less violence and crime in Italy.

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