Iyabo Ojo Declares Ceasefire in Digital War

Julianah Ologunde
By Julianah Ologunde 2 Min Read

Iyabo Ojo Declares Ceasefire in Digital War; Nollywood luminary and content architect, Iyabo Ojo, has definitively pronounced her withdrawal from the tempestuous digital arena in which she had been embroiled with the controversial, self-styled online provocateur, VeryDarkMan. This proclamation was unveiled within the confines of her Instagram domain on a recent Thursday.

In a resolute declaration, the thespian conveyed her steadfast decision to terminate all further digital discourse with her antagonist. Simultaneously, she extended heartfelt gratitude to her romantic partner, Paulo, her professional colleagues, the ardent supporters constituting her fanbase, and her cherished family for their unwavering loyalty and support during this tumultuous period.

With a resolute spirit, Ojo affirmed her intention to insulate herself from the cacophony of online trolls and negativity, prioritizing instead a trajectory imbued with positivity and upliftment. In a poignant statement, she proclaimed, “Queen Mother: Unshakable, Unstoppable, undefeatable! I will continue to lend my voice when necessity dictates. No stratagem of deceit, manipulation, falsehood, or cyberbullying, even when amplified by countless detractors, shall silence my voice.”

Addressing her confidantes, offspring, friends, family, admirers, well-wishers, professional peers, and management team, Ojo expressed sincere appreciation for their counsel and encouragement, which had fortified her resolve and resilience. She reaffirmed her commitment to unyielding veracity, regardless of the adversities encountered. While acknowledging the invaluable support she had received, both publicly and privately, Ojo declared her intention to adopt a more circumspect approach, choosing to disregard negativity while reserving the right to exercise her voice when circumstances warrant. In conclusion, she emphasized her desire for a harmonious and affectionate environment.

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