Mr. Macaroni Drops Truth Bomb on Celebs and Police Over Trolls

Julianah Ologunde
By Julianah Ologunde 2 Min Read

Mr. Macaroni Drops Truth Bomb on Celebs and Police Over Trolls: Nigerian entertainer, Mr Macaroni, has issued a stern warning to fellow celebrities about the misuse of police power. The comedian, known for his outspoken stance on social issues, expressed concern over the increasing trend of celebrities employing law enforcement to silence critics.

Highlighting the potential dangers of such actions, Mr Macaroni emphasized the importance of legal recourse. Instead of resorting to police detention, he urged celebrities to utilize the judicial system to address defamation and online harassment.

Drawing from personal experience, the actor revealed enduring numerous online attacks without retaliating with police involvement. He cautioned against the slippery slope of this practice, warning that it could lead to abuse of power and potential consequences for innocent individuals.

Mr Macaroni’s statement comes in the wake of a recent incident involving Nollywood actress, Toyin Abraham, who allegedly had an X user arrested for making threats against her child. This event sparked a wider conversation about the appropriate response to online harassment and the boundaries between personal justice and legal accountability.

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