N100,000 Minimum Wage: Senator Nwoko Calls Lower Amount an “Insult” to Civil Servants

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N100,000 Minimum Wage: Senator Nwoko Calls Lower Amount an “Insult” to Civil Servants

Key Points:

  • Senator Ned Nwoko advocates for a N100,000 minimum wage
  • Current wages deemed insufficient for basic needs
  • Proposal aims to address economic challenges faced by workers

Senator Ned Nwoko, representing Delta North Senatorial District, has urged the federal government to implement a new minimum wage of at least N100,000 for Nigerian workers. Speaking at a recent event in Abuja, Nwoko emphasized the importance of fair compensation in light of the country’s economic challenges.

Economic Realities and Worker Struggles

Nwoko highlighted the stark realities faced by Nigerian workers:

“What can a hundred thousand naira do for anybody? How many bags of rice can that buy? How many fuel tanks can that fill? We have to be realistic about our economy.”

The senator’s comments underscore the growing disparity between wages and the cost of living in Nigeria.

Government’s Role in Economic Wellbeing

Addressing the government’s responsibility, Nwoko stated:

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“Government is meant to provide an environment for those who are doing business to do well or create jobs where possible. But we must have a minimum wage.”

He stressed the importance of establishing a wage that allows workers to meet their basic needs.

A Call for Dignity in Labor

Nwoko strongly advocated for a significant increase in the minimum wage:

“A minimum wage of one hundred thousand naira is not out of place. That should be the beginning. Anything less than that is an insult to the civil servant.”

This proposal aims to address the economic challenges faced by Nigerian workers and ensure a more dignified standard of living.

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As discussions on minimum wage continue, Senator Nwoko’s stance highlights the ongoing debate about fair compensation and economic policy in Nigeria.


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