Naira Marley Faces Criticism for Advocating DNA Test

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Naira Marley Faces Criticism for Advocating DNA Test

Naira Marley

Naira Marley Faces Criticism for Advocating DNA Test. Controversial musician Naira Marley has stirred up controversy by releasing a diss track regarding the DNA test dispute involving the late singer MohBad’s wife and his family.

Naira Marley emphasized the significance of conducting a paternity test to determine the biological father of MohBad’s son, Liam.

After MohBad’s passing in September 2023, social media users have been advocating for a DNA test to confirm the child’s paternity.

In a recent viral video, Naira Marley was seen enjoying a new song by an emerging artist, Prince AK2, who is affiliated with his record label.

The chorus of the song, titled ‘DNA is Needed,’ in Yoruba language, asks, “Who is the father of the child?”

The video has sparked various reactions on social media, with some users suggesting that Naira Marley was indirectly criticizing Wunmi, the late artist’s wife.

Naira Marley Faces Criticism for Advocating DNA Test

For example, one user commented, “You are cancelled and irrelevant. It’s disappointing to see this behavior from you.”

Another user expressed their opinion, stating, “It’s surprising to see Naira Marley getting involved in this issue. Wunmi is partly at fault too. Those who continue to support Naira’s career despite his actions should reconsider, as it may have negative consequences for their own children.”

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Someone else argued, “Wunmi and MohBad’s family are responsible for escalating this situation. If they had respected the late artist’s memory and handled their disputes privately, this controversial record label wouldn’t have dared to release a diss track.”

Another commenter added, “The family brought this situation upon themselves by making it public. Now, everyone is freely expressing their opinions on the matter.”

In summary, Naira Marley’s involvement in the DNA test controversy surrounding MohBad’s family has triggered a range of reactions on social media, highlighting the need for sensitivity and privacy in handling such sensitive matters.

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