Request for Name Update on UBA Bank Account

By Mobel 1 Min Read

I am writing to formally request the correction of the name on my UBA Bank account. Below are the details of my current and correct names as well as my account information:

Current Name on UBA Account:
Evans Brown

Correct Name (as per all official documents):
Ekeh Evans Chikadibia

Account Number: [214*****03]

Reason for Change:

All my official documents, including my school results, BVN, and NIN, list my name as Ekeh Evans Chikadibia. However, I initially opened my UBA account using the name Evans Brown, which matches my email address ( I did this for consistency with my email at the time. Now, I need my bank account name to match my official documents to avoid any discrepancies.

Documents Attached:

  1. Copy of my National Identity Number (NIN) card.
  2. Copy of my BVN registration slip.
  3. Copy of my school results.
  4. Any other required documents for verification.

I kindly request that my name be updated to Ekeh Evans Chikadibia in the bank’s records and on all relevant documents associated with my account. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.

Pls kindly download your Newspaper Publication PDF


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