Scholar solicits community garden initiative

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Scholar solicits community garden initiative

Scholar solicits community garden initiative.Paulina Adeniji, a Professor of Human Nutrition and Hospitality at Redeemer’s University in Ede, Osun State, recently highlighted the importance of having access to nutritious foods. In her lecture titled “Give us adequate food in due season: Establishing a path to healthy living,” she talked about how the government can help ensure people have healthy food options.

Adeniji said that the government should create places like farmer’s markets and community gardens where people can get fresh and healthy food. She also said that schools and community centers should teach more about nutrition so that people can make good food choices.

She suggested that the government could set up community gardens where people can grow food and share it with others in their area. This would help make sure everyone has enough to eat and can stay healthy.

Adeniji also talked about how important it is to have safe food and water to prevent diseases. She said the government should make sure there are policies in place to promote healthy eating and support places like farmer’s markets and community gardens.

She also mentioned that it’s important to involve communities in making decisions about food programs, so they are culturally relevant and accepted by everyone.

Finally, Adeniji encouraged people to grow their own fruits and vegetables at home if they can, so they always have fresh and healthy food available.

Overall, Adeniji’s ideas show that everyone, including the government and individuals, can work together to make sure everyone has access to healthy food and can live a better life.

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