Senator Karimi Commends Tinubu’s Economic Recovery Efforts

Julianah Ologunde
By Julianah Ologunde 2 Min Read

Senator Karimi Commends Tinubu’s Economic Recovery Efforts

Senator Sunday Karimi of Kogi West has lauded President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration for its commitment to tackling Nigeria’s economic challenges inherited from previous governments. Speaking at the inaugural Igbaruku Day organized by Igbaruku-Okeri Community Development Association (ICDA), Karimi emphasized the administration’s strides towards rebuilding the economy.

Senator Karimi Commends Tinubu's Economic Recovery Efforts

Karimi acknowledged the severity of the economic situation inherited by Tinubu’s government, citing a significant decline in GDP growth rates and a devalued Nigerian Naira. Despite these challenges, he praised the administration’s proactive policies aimed at achieving sustainable economic recovery.

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Highlighting the importance of collective effort in achieving economic recovery, Karimi urged both the government and citizens to work together towards progress. He expressed confidence that with patience and support for Tinubu’s vision, Nigeria would witness significant economic improvements in the near future.

Senator Karimi Commends Tinubu’s Economic Recovery Efforts

In addition to economic recovery, Karimi addressed infrastructural development in Kogi West, promising efforts to improve road networks and educational facilities. He emphasized the need for financial autonomy for local government administrations and voiced support for the proposal of state police to enhance security at the grassroots level.


The event also saw discussions on community development projects and the recognition of individuals who have contributed to the progress of Igbaruku. Dignitaries including Senator Smart Adeyemi and Mr. Austen Olorunsola received awards for their outstanding contributions to community development.

As the Igbaruku community celebrates its maiden Igbaruku Day, Turo247newz extends its best wishes for peace, prosperity, and continued development in Igbaruku, Kogi West, and Nigeria as a whole.

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