Six Miners Safely Rescued from Taiwan Earthquake

Destiny Michael
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Six Miners Safely Rescued from Taiwan Earthquake

Six Miners Safely Rescued from Taiwan Earthquake. On Thursday, rescuers successfully saved six miners who had been trapped following a powerful earthquake that struck Taiwan. The authorities reported that helicopters were used to airlift the men out of the disaster zone.

However, another 64 workers remained trapped in a different quarry.

Military helicopters delivered over 400 kilograms of aid to the trapped workers.

The number of reported injuries has climbed to 1,050, with around 50 people still unaccounted for.

Although approximately 100 individuals were stuck in road tunnels, authorities assured that their lives were not at risk.

The search and rescue efforts are concentrated in the vicinity of Hualien city, where the earthquake caused significant destruction.

The east coast of Taiwan, near the quake’s epicenter, experienced the most severe damage, resulting in nine confirmed fatalities. Since the quake, the region has endured 314 aftershocks, according to official reports.


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