Switching from white rice? Know how to cook brown rice

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Brown rice offers a myriad of health benefits ranging from helping manage blood sugar levels to have high fiber content. Learn how to cook brown rice to switch to this healthier alternative.

For years, households around the world have relied on white rice as a staple food. However, it was only when the craze around brown rice surfaced that people started switching to this healthier rice option. Brown rice means that you are consuming rice as a whole grain. The grain of brown rice is less processed in comparison to other varieties, and so, you end up getting more nutrients. If you’ve made up your mind about switching to it, here’s how to cook brown rice!

Before we dive into the recipe, let us tell you a little more about white rice and brown rice. Each rice grain is made up of two layers, bran and germ, and these outer layers contain the most nutrients and minerals. When manufacturers make white rice, these layers get removed. And, that is why brown rice always has a healthier take.

How to make brown rice

1. Take one cup of brown rice (if you are using Basmati rice).
2. Wash the rice properly, and rinse it off thoroughly. Then, shift the washed rice into a pressure cooker.
3. Use the same cup that you earlier used to measure the quantity of rice to fill the cooker with 2 cups of water. (Use the thumb rule: 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice).
4. Optional: Add 1/3 tsp of salt. Stir it, and close the lid of the pressure cooker.
5. Turn on the flame, and cook the rice for 8 whistles on medium flame.
6. After 8 whistles, turn off the flame, and let the cooker cool down.
7. Once the cooker cools down, open it carefully.
8. You’ll notice that your rice has been perfectly cooked. You may mix it once with a spoon to avoid overcooking of rice. Pro tip: If the rice doesn’t cook well in 8 whistles, you may add 1/3 cup of water, and cook it for 2 more whistles.
9. Brown rice is ready to serve.

Why choose brown rice over white rice?

“The key difference is that brown rice has fiber, and white rice is devoid of it. So, brown rice is more beneficial,” tells the expert. So, brown is more beneficial because of the reasons mentioned below.

1. Helps balance blood sugar

As per the expert, “Brown rice helps balance blood sugar levels and prevent insulin spikes.” Brown rice has a low glycemic index (GI) in comparison to white rice. So, blood sugar levels increase at a slower rate, making it a better choice for people who wish to manage blood sugar levels.

2. High fiber content

“Fiber always helps to feed the gut microbiota resulting in reducing inflammation in the body, thus preventing lifestyle diseases,” Alongside, brown rice has more protein that tends to keep you satiated for a long and can also aid in maintaining stable blood sugar.

3. It has more essential vitamins and minerals

Brown rice is packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and it is higher in minerals like magnesium, selenium, and vitamin B3 in comparison to white rice.

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