UCH Doctors Strike: Night Shifts Halted over Power Disconnection

Destiny Michael
By Destiny Michael 2 Min Read

UCH Doctors Strike: Night Shifts Halted over Power Disconnection

UCH Doctors Strike: Night Shifts Halted over Power Disconnection. Workers at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Oyo State, have initiated a strategy termed “down-scaling,” where they work from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm daily until power is restored.

They have also issued a seven-day strike ultimatum if the hospital remains disconnected by Tuesday, April 9.

UCH Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Funmilayo Adetuyibi, confirmed that the hospital’s electricity debt exceeds N400 million, contrary to her previous statement.

Adetuyibi acknowledged the need for assistance in settling the debt, emphasizing the importance of financial support.

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She stated, “We owe IBEDC and we need assistance. Financial aid is crucial. We are seeking funds to settle the debt.”

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“It stands at N495 million; let’s keep it at that. There was an error in our rejoinder, which I rectified. What we need now is help,” she added.

UCH was disconnected by IBEDC on March 19 for the third time in less than two months.

IBEDC explained that the disconnection resulted from the hospital’s long-standing N495 million debt, which had persisted for over six years.

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However, the UCH spokesperson previously denied owing such a significant amount, stating that the current administration inherited a debt of over N27 million.

She asserted that since assuming office, the hospital had consistently paid its bills to IBEDC.

When contacted again about IBEDC’s insistence on the N495 million debt, Adetuyibi admitted to an error in her initial response.

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