Zack Orji survived two brain surgeries – AGN gives update

Olutayo segun
By Olutayo segun 2 Min Read

The Actors Guild of Nigeria, (AGN) National President, Emeka Rollas has revealed that ailing actor, Zack Orji underwent two successful brain surgeries.

The AGN President revealed this on Thursday, March 28 while giving an update on Zack Orji, whom he said is currently good health.

Rollas, however, said that the veteran actor will have to be flown abroad for a post-surgery evaluation. He also expressed disappointment at those who spread false information about Zack’s death.

He said; “Because of the internet age, people just want to grow their page and they can spill nonsense, that was why somebody woke up yesterday morning and said Zack has passed on and I quickly reacted.

“Zack is never in a position of seriously needing attention as we speak, if not because of privacy I would have just connected him on the phone here, you will see him. He just needs a post-surgery evaluation abroad which we are gradually gathering money to send him abroad for that.

“He has survived two brain surgeries, he is in good health, and he is speaking. For somebody to wake up and say that Zack has passed on, is inhuman”.

Rumours circulated online on Tuesday that Zack passed away but Emeka Rollas swiftly took to social media and debunked the claims.

He urged the public to disregard the rumours being peddled by ‘mischief makers’ stated that it goes to show the extent some people can be wicked.

The Actors Guild president had written: “Mr Zack Orji is alive. Please ignore mischief makers who enjoy circulating fake news. This is to show how wicked some people can be. It is totally unacceptable. He will not die but live to declare the good works of God in Jesus’ name.”

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