The 81 Best Products To Sell Online In Nigeria

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81 best products to sell online in Nigeria

The 81 Best Products To Sell Online In Nigeria

If you want to make money fast, you can start selling these high-demand products online in Nigeria. They are the best products to sell in 2019 and can generate huge profits for you.

Fashion products are in demand because most Nigerians take their look and appearance seriously. This is evidenced in their choice of shoes, bags and wristwatches.

1. Electronics

Nigerians love electronics and the demand for these items is quite high. You can easily make a fortune selling online and offline.

Some of the top selling electronic products include home appliances like televisions, cameras and generators as well as computers and laptops. Computers are very important in this day and age as most people use them to do work, school and communicate with others. Laptops are also used by students, start-up owners and entrepreneurs.

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Another good item to sell online is video games. Most Nigerian men and boys love playing video games such as FIFA, PES and Call of Duty. This business is very profitable and can be done by anyone with the right knowledge and skills.

2. Fashion

One of the best things to sell online in Nigeria is fashion products. This is because Nigerians love fashion, from their clothes to shoes and bags. They are willing to spend on anything that makes them look good.

Another fast-selling product is hair extensions. This is because many women are always spending money to keep their hair looking good. There are different types of hair extensions such as Peruvian hair, human hair, and synthetic hair.

Lastly, another fast-selling product is mobile phones. This is because Nigerians are big mobile phone users. They like using their phones to stay connected with friends and family. They also use their phones to access the internet and shop for things online.

So, if you want to make a lot of money selling online, then consider starting an online fashion store. Just be sure to provide the right products and market them to the correct audience.

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3. Baby Items

Selling baby items is a lucrative business both offline and online. Every day millions of babies are born in Nigeria and they all need things to wear, feed and bathe with. These include clothes, diapers and baby soap.

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Purchasing baby products online saves moms time and energy, not to mention the convenience of getting high-quality, safe products for their little ones. Baby items also tend to have higher profit margins than many fast-moving consumer goods.

You can find success in this market by following best practices. These include buying cheap, using quality products, advertising, being consistent and focusing on customer loyalty. In addition, keeping records is crucial to ensuring that you sell your products at the right price. This way, you can make the most money out of your investment. Also, be sure to keep your inventory up-to-date with the latest trends. This will attract new customers and increase your sales.

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4. Phones & Accessories

Phones and accessories products are fast-selling items to sell online or in your shop. From earphones to power banks, Nigerians love these gadgets. In fact, they cannot go without them. Whether stuck in traffic, on the bus with boisterous people fighting politics or just trying to distract themselves with some cool tunes, nothing quite beats these essentials.

Computers and laptops are another fast-selling product in Nigeria. People use computers for work, education and communications. They are also a necessity in many homes. This makes them a very lucrative business.

Other electronics like TVs and radios are also in high demand in Nigeria. You can find some of the best deals on these electronics on Buy9ja. Home and office equipment are also fast-selling products. You can sell kitchen appliances like microwaves and cooking utensils, as well as home and office supplies such as furniture, electrical appliances and light bulbs. You can also find useful items like lightning, hand and power tools as well as storage solutions.

5. Groceries

Many people love to shop for groceries online. This is because it saves them time and money. They are also able to avoid the hassle of shopping in crowded supermarkets and local markets. Besides, online stores like Pricepally have a larger local market coverage and are able to sell food products at cheaper rates.

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Other high demand fast-selling products to sell online or in your shop include kitchen appliances like blenders, refrigerators and more. These are products that people use on a daily basis and they tend to order them again and again.

Similarly, health and beauty products are in high demand and can be sold to the right audience online. Products such as beauty and personal care products, soaps, toiletries, deodorants and feminine hygiene are widely used in Nigeria. There are also various dietary supplements, weight loss products and vitamins which have an enormous potential to be sold online. These are high-demand fast-selling products that can be easily sold to the right audience.

6. Appliances

The use of computers and phones are very common these days in Nigeria. Many people are always looking for the latest technology to upgrade their devices. This makes laptops one of the most popular products to sell online in Nigeria. Laptops are very useful for students, start-up owners, entrepreneurs and small business dealers.

Another top product to sell online in Nigeria is computer accessories products like keyboards, mice, speakers, power banks, flash drives and other peripherals. These are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of a computer or phone. This is also a profitable business to start.

Lastly, household appliances like fridges and washing machines are also fast-moving items to sell online in Nigeria. These are very essential for every home and office. The demand for these products is expected to grow even more. The online market share for this category is estimated to reach 2.4% by 2027. This means that it will be the fastest growing segment in the Nigerian ecommerce industry.

7. Microwaves

Microwaves are one of the high demand and fast selling products in Nigeria. They are in use in every home, shop and office hence have a huge market. Some of the popular microwave brands in the country include Tecno Camon 11, Samsung, LG and others. These electronics also sell well online.

Cosmetics is another fast moving product in Nigeria and the world. Women always want to look good even with the little they have. This makes makeup, perfumes and hair wigs some of the most demanded beauty products.

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Digital products are another lucrative market. Whether you’re an artist creating portfolio templates or an influencer providing presets for Lightroom, these are products that can sell well. Moreover, they don’t require the same upfront investment as physical products. However, it’s important to understand your market and select the right products to make the most money. Also, you’ll need to promote your business strategically in order to get sales.

8. Toys & Games

Many Nigerians buy toys and games online for their children, especially those with intellectually gifted kids. These toys are educational and help develop the child’s mental and physical skills. They range from simple puzzles to electronic toys such as Lego and video games. Other products include Jenga and other stacking toys that encourage family bonding.

Building materials are also highly demanded online in Nigeria. These are items that can be used to build a house or repair one. Blocks, cement, iron rods and sheets are some examples of these materials.

Health and beauty products are also in high demand online in Nigeria. People want to look good and feel good about themselves. This includes skin care, haircare, makeup, deodorants and antiseptics, foot care, ear care, medicines and therapy, vitamins and dietary supplements, weight loss products, minerals and vitamins, and sexual wellness. This category is a gold mine for any online business in Nigeria.

9. Health & Beauty

As the name suggests health and beauty products are another of the fastest moving products to sell online. Nigerians love to be healthy and beautiful and will pay good money to ensure that they remain so. From cosmetics to hair care products, health and beauty products have a huge audience online and offline. You can easily make millions by selling these products especially when you understand your market. For example, you wouldn’t want to sell sweaters in Katsina or other cold weather areas of Nigeria.

You can also make a good amount of money by selling skin-saving products like African black soap or shea butter. These products are very cheap and effective at protecting the skin from harmful environmental elements.

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