Google is considering introducing AI-powered email summaries to Gmail for Android

Olutayo segun
By Olutayo segun 2 Min Read

According to PiunikaWeb, teaming up with AssembleDebug, Gmail on Android might be in for a smart upgrade that will give you the scoop on lengthy emails using AI, saving you the hassle of sifting through all the details. In version 2024.03.31.621006929 of the Gmail app, they spotted a new button called “Summarize this email.”

Just so you know, Google already offers email summaries for users of its Gemini for Workspace suite, but it is currently only available in the web version of Gmail. So, it is not exactly shocking that it is now heading to the Android app. This new feature could be quite handy for Gmail on smartphones, especially for those long emails or ones jam-packed with info.

Plus, this new button on the mobile app looks like it might be for everyone, not just Workspace suite users. As seen in the screenshot above, the button pops up right under the subject line. But since the feature is still in its early testing phase, tapping the button doesn’t do anything yet.

It is likely that tapping it will bring up a little pop-up window at the bottom of the screen with a summary of the email in bullet points. Kinda like how it works on the web, but instead of the side panel, we’d get this handy pop-up.

In addition to the “Summarize this email” button, the tipster also noticed a Gemini entry in the three-dots menu on the top bar. Right now, it doesn’t do anything – it just opens up a blank sheet with the Gemini logo and some text.

Google’s Gemini is LLM (Large Language Model). It is trained on large amounts of publicly available data and can communicate and generate human-like text in response to a wide range of questions.

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